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Comment from: Victor Jones [Visitor]
Victor Jones

The guy who told you to shut the fuck up during SPECTRE was right. I don’t care what type of movie it was, he paid his admission to watch the movie, not to hear you and your brother’s idiotic comments. If you can’t respect that and save your comments until after the movie ends, please do the rest of us a favor, stay home with the cholicy infants and wait for the movie to come on home video so you can talk to the screen to your heart’s content.

P.S.: Your “third Bond movie’s the best theory holds no water.” First, Connery’s best IS From Russia with Love (Bond doesn’t spend a third of the movie in captivity). Second, outside of me, who even puts The World Is Not Enough on a comparative plane as GoldenEye? And finally, Casino Royale is better than Skyfall. I think I liked SPECTRE better than Skyfall (although I wasn’t crazy about the foster brother twist either).

If you liked Charley Varrick, may I recommend Don Siegel’s The Lineup, with Eli Wallach?

01/04/16 @ 20:28
Comment from: Andrew [Member]

I’ll grant you that I’m an annoying asshole to sit near in a movie theater, but your Bond rankings are all wrong. From Russia With Love is one of the better ones, but it has a kind-of-lame title song and a thirty-minute scene that’s just two gypsy women cat-fighting. Plus, does his car have guns in it? No, it does not. His only gadget is a briefcase that spits gas in your eye, and it also has some extra cash in it. Goldfinger is the template for every Bond that followed: the oft-imitated theme song, the gimmick henchman, the murdered lover, plus Bond smacks a woman named Dink on the ass for no reason. It’s the best Connery.

Casino Royale is perfectly watchable, don’t get me wrong. But I can’t forgive its poker scene. There’s no reason, in a post-Rounders world, to film a poker scene that inaccurately. A guy string-raises his car keys and the house doesn’t even raise an eyebrow. And Bond’s brilliant strategy? Have a slightly better very-good hand than everyone else! That is insanely stupid. They may as well have kept it baccarat.

Yes, The World Is Not Enough is an exception. We’ll call it the Pierce Brosnan Corollary. We can all agree that Lazenby and Dalton’s third film would have been marvelous.

And, thank you for the recommendation!

01/04/16 @ 20:42
Comment from: Victor Jones [Visitor]
Victor Jones

From Russia with Love has the fight with Red Grant in the train compartment and several scenes with Grant on the periphery of the frame–perhaps symbolic of his role through most of the film?–as well as the iconic chess match with human pieces (more symbolism!). It’s also, I believe, the first appearance of John Barry’s “007″ (aka the music Jaws chased Bond down the Amazon to in Moonraker).

As for Timothy Dalton’s third Bond movie being “marvelous,” I think the franchise was helped by the seven-year hiatus, and if the next movie had come out two or three years after License to Kill, it wouldn’t have been as good as GoldenEye turned out to be for at least two reasons:

- John Glen probably would have directed it (Can we agree that all of the directors since GoldenEye have been better than Glen?)

- Richard Maibaum died in 1991 and was apparently in ailing health during the production of License to Kill, with the bulk of the writing falling on Michael Wilson’s shoulders.

If you compare the Bond movies that Maibaum didn’t have an on-screen credit for as writer to most of the other Bond movies through LTK (particularly On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, where he was the sole writer), it doesn’t seem likely that Dalton’s third entry would have been better than The Living Daylights with possibly Wilson as the primary writer, since he’d been a writer on all the Bond movies during ’80s.

Is there any chance of any of the TeleFilms catalog (e.g., Out of the Dark, Relentless, 976-EVIL [written by Brian Helgeland]) getting into the polyhedron? As I recall, except for Bulletproof (maverick cop Gary Busey vs. the Communistas), they almost all involved murder and a telephone.

01/08/16 @ 15:30

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