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Comment from: Victor Jones [Visitor]
Victor Jones

I’d be willing to listen to you do a Columbo podcast. Even though much of what you had to say about Columbo was stuff you’d already said in a previous webisode, the 50-minute preamble was probably my favorite part of this webisode. By the way, Patrick MacGoohan did not direct all the Columbo episodes he was in. “By Dawn’s Early Light,” the episode for which MacGoohan won an Emmy, was directed Harvey Hart, director of “Mudd’s Women” and The Long Sweet Ride. Columbo is probably my second-favorie of all-time after the first season of the original Outer Limits, and I’m such a fan of Jackson Gillis’ time on the show as the head writer that I started watching Perry Mason, for which Gillis was the associate producer for much of its run.

Happy anniversary, and here are some suggestions:

The Valley of Gwangi
Twins of Evil
Five Against the House (Sterling Silliphant’s first filmed screenplay)
Witchcraft (with Lon Chaney Jr.)
Devils in Darkness
Murders in the Rue Morgue (Jason Robards and Herbert Lom)

06/20/16 @ 16:18

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