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Comment from: Victor Jones [Visitor]
Victor Jones

It’s been years since I watched Psychomania, but I liked the humor of it. What I remember from the first time I watched it is the biker jumping off the building after telling the bobby complaining about his bike being illegally parked he’d be right down and the biker weighing himself down to drown himself. Once when I watched it in college, the scene where the first two members of the Living Dead kill themselves by running into the truck had me roaring with laughter, first because of the woman biker’s reaction to Tom’s(?) revelation ("What are waiting for?"), and second, because I wasn’t expecting anyone to plow through the back of the truck.

I think the butler was the demon the mother made the deal with and that it was through that deal that her son (and, by extension, his gang) were able to come back, and that’s why her sacrifice only affected the Living Dead and not the butler. As for the Living Dead becoming killers after returning from the dead, if no one could stop them, there was no consequence to their actions, and so, nothing to stop them from acting on their impulses.

I think the actor who played Tom, Nicky Henson, played the lawyer who kind of resembled William Shatner in Syrianna.

Finally, may I suggest The Kremlin Letter, which also has George Sanders?

03/03/17 @ 22:17

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