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Comment from: Victor Jones [Visitor]
Victor Jones

Your line about having to wait until the credits were over to see the Mummy talk to Dracula may have been my favorite part of the webisode. Outside of the Marvel movies, Hollywood’s preoccupation with universe building is even more tiresome than its obsession with 3-D from a few years ago.

The first time I saw this version of The Mummy, I was a little disappointed because Peter Cushing wasn’t the hyper-competent sage I was accustomed to seeing him play in the Dracula movies, but rewatching it in a box set with The Curse of Frankenstein and several of the Dracula movies has made me a bigger fan of The Mummy than of Horror of Dracula, maybe second only to Quatermass and the Pit.

I was very impressed with the way Jimmy Sangster’s screenplay incorporated elements from Universal’s whole original cycle of Mummy movies, including the Boris Karloff Mummy (down to the names of the characters). The Mummy’s ending up submerged in quicksand, for example, is a variation on the ending to The Mummy’s Ghost. And far from being “unnecessary,” the cutaway from Kharis’ resurrection and the audience having to wait several minutes to see how Stephen Banning was driven mad was an interesting storytelling choice. I also think John Banning’s visit to the Egyptian in his home (along with his arrogance), where the Egyptian seems barely able to restrain himself from killing Banning right then was a highlight that undercuts your complaints of the plot being paper-thin. Yes, I now think Banning’s fallibility and character flaws make him a more interesting character than Van Helsing or Frankenstein.

Your hiatus will give me a chance to catch up on the webisodes I’ve missed. When you come back, is there any chance of your adding Chosen Survivors to the Omegahedron?

08/19/17 @ 08:37

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