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Comment from: Victor Jones [Visitor]
Victor Jones

I enjoyed the Swarm podcast and actually found your distillation of how disaster movies were cast (with three or four name actors and then a cast that eventually gets down to people known mostly from TV) insightful. Your discussion of Columbo was also hilarious, although the way Columbo seems to know who the killer is for no apparent reason is why I dislike some of the episodes from the ’90s.
Since you liked The Towering Inferno so much, I’m slightly surprised that you didn’t mention that Sterling Silliphant was the writer on both that and The Swarm. Also, I think Irwin Allen was only the producer and second-unit director on The Poseidon Adventure. Ronald Neame, who, speaking of all-star disaster movies from the ’70s, also directed Meteor. was the director.

05/13/16 @ 20:06
Comment from: Andrew [Member]

Good point! We either meant to mention that, or forgot; or, drank too much; or didn’t do enough research. It’s one of those.

05/13/16 @ 20:10

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