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Comment from: Victor Jones [Visitor]
Victor Jones

I preferred Twins of Evil to The Vampire Lovers, probably because the emphasis on horror rather than tittilation. For me, the best part of The Vampire Lovers was the murder of the doctor. The biggest problem I had with Twins of Evil was the pantomime scene with the mute Black servant trying to warn the count.

Lust for a Vampire is the one movie in the Karnstein trilogy that I haven’t seen, but I seem to recall from reading Hammer Horror magazine back in the ’90s that Count Karnstein’s voice was dubbed in by Vallantine Dyall (the Black Guardian from Doctor Who and the hitch-hiking warlock from Horror Hotel) and that the closeups of Karnstein’s eyes were shots of Christopher Lee’s eyes taken from a Dracula movie.

If you’re looking for another Hammer movie to put on the list, I’d like to suggest Scream of Fear with Susan Strasberg and Christopher Lee.

04/12/17 @ 16:51

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